West Point City Parks

City ParkWest Point was one of the original Main Street Program cities in the state. Impeccably clean and attractively old fashioned, stunning public parks are placed throughout town presenting an inviting and congenial atmosphere.

Local residents and businesses joined together to donate and collect funds to relocate railroad tracks that used to run through the city. The tracks were transformed into a “Rails to Trails Parkway” now known as the Kitty Bryan Dill Memorial Parkway. It extends for 3.75 miles through the town, linking a total of five local parks for community enjoyment. Each park includes lighted walkways, open areas, beautifully landscaped grounds with attractive plantings, native hardwood trees, picnic areas, and a variety of structures such as gazebos, arbors, and a windmill. The Sally Kate Winters Park is situated next to the downtown area. It features fountains, an old fashioned bandstand for special events. an elaborate playground for children, a romantic gazebo for lovers, and an “Arbor of Memories” made with bricks purchased in memory of loved ones.

In 2005, the Kitty Dill Memorial Parkway was designated by the US Department of the Interior as a National Recreational Trail.

For information on using any of our city parks, call 662-494-2573.