West Point City Directory

City of West Point, Mississippi
580 Commerce Street
West Point, Mississippi 39773
662-494-2573      fax: 662-495-2007

Board of Selectmen

Leta Turner, Selectwoman Ward 1, 662-295-9140
William Binder, Selectman Ward 2, 662-295-9103
Ken Poole, Selectman Ward 3, 662-295-9125
Keith McBrayer, Selectman Ward 4, 662-295-0637
Cole Bryan, Selectman Ward 5, 662-701-9852


City Hall – 580 Commerce Street, 662-494-2573

Delores Doss, HR, Payroll and City Clerk
Randy Jones, Chief Administrative Officer
Sherman Carouthers, Deputy CAO
Natasha Rose, City Accountant
Rita Mattix, Deputy Clerk
Rod Bobo, Mayor

Water & Light Department

Eddie Longstreet, Water and Light Manager
Marty Holcombe, Water and Sewer Maintenance
Brad Davis, Electric Sup.
Sherry Williams, Human Resources and Office Manager
Shemeka Jones, Customer Service, Accounts Payable
Brad Nester, Accountant
Tanya Taylor, Billing Manager
Taylor Avant, Billing Clerk
Margo Barnette, Warehouse Dispatch and Office Manager

Administrative Office – 644 Broad Street, 662-494-1432
Hours: Monday to Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM
(New water or electric service, billing inquiries)

Warehouse – 331 Washington Street, 662-494-2262
(24-hour trouble and repairs)

Click here to pay your Water & Light bill online.

Please Note: We have been made aware of third-party websites that offer to consolidate all your bill payments to just one site. While this may seem helpfull, there have been instances of payments made to these sties not being sent to us, resulting in disconnection of services. We suggest that you use the link above as your only method of paying your utility bill online.

To report a broken streetlight, security light, or a minor water leak, send an email with a complete description to utilityrepair@wpnet.org.

Public Works- 165 Illinois Street, 662-494-3513

 (Drain & Park Maintenance, Garbage Collection, Street & Sign Repair)
Chris Cox, Director

Fire Department – Emergency Only: 911

Ken Wilbourne, Chief, 662-494-2105
Torey Williams, Director, Emergency Management, 662-494-2088
Cody Parker, Fire Inspector, 662-494-1531

Station One – 761 E. Brame Avenue, 662-494-1531
(Burn Permits, Fire Business Office)
Station Two – 422 Dunlap Road, 662-494-4256

Police Department – Emergency Only: 911

84 East Westbrook Street, 662-494-1244
Avery Cook, Chief

Animal Control
Hoss McCormick, 662-295-6109

Municipal Court
84 East Westbrook Street, 662-494-6386

Recreation Department – Wood Street, 662-494-3214

Jarrod McDaniel, Director

Other City Offices

Code Enforcement – 331 Washington Street, 662-494-6601
Johnny Samuel, Code Enforcement Officer

Building Inspector – 580 Commerce Street, 662-494-2573

Purchasing – 331 Washington Street, 662-494-5272
Mary Wright, Purchasing Officer

Data Center – 331 Washington Street, 662-495-1463
Roy Cox, IT Director

The Civic – 130 6th Street, 662-494-2573