The West Point Hall of Fame

Wall of FameIn 1984 the West Point Hall of Fame was started by the Kiwanis Club, the Daily Times Leader, and the Clay County Economic Development Corporation. The purpose of this program is to honor citizens of the community that have brought honor to the city by their achievements, their dedication, and their service, or they have been recognized by the community for their lifetime achievements. Spanky Bruce, editor of the Daily Times Leader, was the initial leader of this effort and set up a committee to nominate the honorees. A banquet was held each year where a large plaque was presented to honor the recipients. These plaques hang in the City Hall auditorium. This successful program was halted suddenly at the untimely death of Mr. Bruce in 1993. There was no Hall of Fame nominations or banquet that year. The next year the program was taken over by the Clay County Economic Development Corporation and the Peoples Bank and Trust Company, and continues to be a very successful program. In recent years the Hall of Fame awards have been presented at the annual banquet of the CCEDC, now the West Point/Clay County Community Growth Alliance.

The Hall of Fame is the highest honor a person can receive in the City of West Point.

Caroline and Robert Harrell
Naomi Kilgore

Thomas Barrett Storey Jr.
Anna V. Jones

Fox Haas
Orlando Richmond

Richard ‘Gene’ Smith

Betty Jean Watson-Swift
Jackie Edwards
Jack King, Jr.

Esther Pippin
Representative David Gibbs

Kyle Chandler III
Archie Murray

Ricky Wilson, Sr.
Caradine Young

Laddie Luther Huffman
Charlie Hannah

Milton Sundbeck

Howard Joe Trulove
Dillard Eugene Trulove
Dora Johnson Adams

Louise Campbell
Albert Donald

Kenny Dill

Alvin Carter, Sr.
David Whitmire Waide

Jim Ellis
Randolph W. “Randy” Jones

Frank A. Critz, Sr.
Paul V. Hester
Linda Hannah

The Dugan Family
Willie James Crawford

Richard Capel Beckett, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Snow
Dr. Thomas L. Zuber

Mark Gordon Hazard
Mike Reid
Rev. William Ivory Robbins

Toxey D. Haas
Malcom Portera

Freddie Davis
Dr. Robert T. Lott
C. Preston Winters

Jesse W. Harmon
Lucille McLemore
Ruby I. Smith
Bennie L. Turner

William Roy “Spanky” Bruce

Chester “Howlin Wolf” Burnett
Dr. F. Price Ivy
Mary Alice Wooten Taylor

John H. Bryan, Jr.
John Nelson (J.N.) Orr

Samuel Brawley Bigham
Dr. Thomas N. Braddock, Jr.
George W. Bryan
Whitten Roy Bruce
Earnest Davis, Jr.

Charles Bruen Cliett, Jr.
A.M. Edwards, Jr.
Bessie D. Johnson
Charles Pollard
John Hollie Thomas

James D. “Jimmy” Bryan
Jennie Earl Cox Jaco
Thompson McClellan
Louis James O’dNeal
John Pitchlyn, Sr.

James B. Berryhill
Catherine Wilkerson Bryan
Caesar David Coleman
William T. “Bubba” Davis
R.C. Davis

John Baptist
Dede L. Jackson Darley
Catherine Parker Bryan Dill
Mrs. C.P. “Martha” Winters

John W. Jackson, Sr.
Robert L. “Bob” McRaney
Jane Fatheree Smith
Allie Laura Stevens Vance

C.C. Clark
James Lee Stafford
William Earl Taylor
Mary C. Gregory White

W.B. Bryan
Howard Coleman
Thomas Guinn Goode
William Henry Harris

John H. Bryan, Sr.
Robert Barnes Marshall
Elizabeth McAmis Miller
Lenore Loving Prather
Thomas Jefferson Tubb



Albert Donald, Jr.
Longtime Supervisor and Community Leader
Born: October 15, 1939 – Died February 5, 2005


  • Born and raised in West Point and Clay County
  • Attended West Point Schools and graduated from Northside School
  • Active member of Concord Baptist Church in the Vinton community where he served as a deacon and sang in the church choir
  • Elected Supervisor of District 1 in 1992 and served faithfully until his death in 2005
  • Known for his love and loyalty to Clay County

Louise W. Campbell
Outstanding Community Leader
Born: July 7, 1937

  • Graduate of “MSCW” with BFA degree
  • Member of First United Methodist Church
  • Manager of Main Street West Point, 1984-2005 (longest-serving manager in USA)
  • Executive Director of Clay County Economic Development Corporation from 1984-2005
  • Played an active role in the development of West Point and Clay County and served on many boards and committees
  • Coordinator of Prairie Arts Festival for 26 years



Kenneth D. (Kenny) Dill
Mayor, Community and Regional Leader


  • Lifetime resident of West Point and Clay County
  • Mayor for 32 years (1973-2005)
  • Graduate of Ole Miss
  • Student Hall of Fame at Ole Miss
  • Athletic Hall of Fame at Ole Miss
  • Member of Football Team of the Century at Ole Miss
  • Member of the State Board of Economic Developers
  • Created Foundation Board of Directors
  • Led the successful efforts to improve health care in West Point, to renovate the Henry Clay Hotel, to eliminate of 400 substandard homes in West Point, to fund the West Point Community Foundation, to purchase and develop the Sally Kate Winters Park, to help secure the 1999 U.S. Womens Open golf tournament for Old Waverly Golf Club, to help relocate the railroad and create a walking parkway and many other worthwhile projects for the community
  • Known throughout the state of Mississippi and the South for his outstanding leadership and his faithful and unselfish dedication to his home town of West Point as full time mayor
  • West Point named one of the best 100 small towns in America during his administration


Alvin Carter Sr.
Community Leader and Clay County Coroner
Born: March 17, 1934 Died September 11, 2001

  • Owner/Director of Carter Funeral Home located in West Point, Houston, and Okolona, Mississippi.
  • Active Civil rights leader in the community, serving on many and various boards and panels representing the citizens of his community.
  • Served proudly the people of Clay County as Clay County Medical Examiner for 30 years.
  • Past President of 5th district of Mississippi Medical Examiners Association.
  • Member of St. Paul’s Missionary Baptist Church serving as deacon.
  • Known to his family, friends and co-workers as “Boss Man”.


David Whitmire Waide
Clay County row crop and cattle producer and community leader.

  • Elected President of Mississippi Farm Bureau, December 1996.
  • Former Clay County Supervisor.
  • Served as Clay County Farm Bureau President for 15 years and Mississippi Farm Bureau Federation Board of Directors for four years.
  • Served as Director of Federal Land Bank of Houston, Director of Clay County soil & Water Commission, Chairman of Federal Intermediate Credit Bank and Director of Clay County ASCS Committee.
  • Received the Presidential Citation by the Mississippi Association of County Agricultural Agents.
  • Active in the Siloam Baptist Church and involved in Clay County Ag Club.
  • Also serves as president and member of various Board of Directors and Farm Bureau Associations.


Jim Ellis
Voice of Bulldog Baseball
Born: May 10, 1947

  • Born in Indianola, Mississippi
  • 1965 graduate of West Point High School
  • 1969 graduate of Mississippi State University
  • Taught in West Point School System
  • Credited for the emergence and steady growth of the Mississippi State University Baseball Radio Network
  • Serving his 25th year as “Voice of the Baseball Bulldogs”
  • General Manager of the Bulldog Sports Network
  • Joined MSU athletic staff as Associate Athletic Director for External Affairs in 2003
  • Member Calvary Baptist Church – Starkville, Mississippi
  • Member National Broadcasters and Sports Writers Association


Randolph W. “Randy” Jones
Decorated Veteran and Civic Leader
Born: July 7, 1949

  • Born in West Point, Mississippi
  • Graduated West Point High School 1967
  • Attended Mississippi State University 1967-1968
  • Graduated U.S. Army Rotary Wing Flight School 1970
  • AA Business Administration Degree 1976
  • BA in Airport Management, Troy State University 1996
  • 29 years active duty as Army Aviation Warrant Officer
  • Distinguished member of “Task Force Ranger” Black Hawk Mission, October 1993
  • Member of First United Methodist Church & West Point Rotary Club
  • Hired as Special Assistant to Mayor and Board of Selectmen for the City of West Point 1999


Judge Frank A. Critz, Sr.
Outstanding Attorney, State and Local Leader
Born: June 19,1846 Died: August 2, 1922

  • Moved to West Point in 1872 after graduating from the University of Mississippi in 1869 with BA Degree.
  • Studied law in Starkville. 1869-1872.
  • 1880-1888 served as Chancellor of 6th Chancery District of MS. establishing a reputation as an outstanding judge.
  • Member of State Legislature from 1894-1900
  • Candidate for Governor in 1899 & 1903.
  • His law firm of Critz & Beckett handled many important cases, the most noted being the State Revenue Agent vs Illinois Central Railroad. The firm represented the state of Mississippi who was awarded $1.5 million in this dispute over back taxes. The present State Capital Building, the centerpiece of Mississippi State government, was constructed in Jackson in 1903 at a cost of $1,093,642.00 with the funds awarded to the state from this lawsuit. West point can take pride in the State Capital Building because Judge Critz and R.C. beckett were outstanding attorneys and citezens of West Point and Clay County.
  • Dedicated member of the Methodist Church, married Lizzie Barker and they had 7 children; Outstanding community leader for over 50 years.


Paul V. Hester
Distinguished Military Leader
Born: October 21, 1947

  • Born & raised in West Point, MS. Son of Vernon and Kathleen Hester.
  • Attended West Point Public Schools.
  • Commissioned through the R.O.T.C. program at the University of Mississippi into the Air Force.
  • Earned Air Force wings in December 1971 at Columbus Air Force Base.
  • Highly decorated for outstanding military service to his country.
  • Serves as Air Force Special Operations Commander. A major command of the U.S. Air Force and the Air Force component of U.S. Special Operations Command.
  • His command has 12,500 active duty, reserve, air National Guard and civilian professionals.


Linda Hannah
Community Leader
Born: October 31, 1952

  • Daughter of Charlie and Earline Hannah. Graduated from West Point public Schools and attended Mississippi university for Women.
  • Member of the St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church, American Red Cross, Boys & Girls Club Board, and past member of the Clay County Medical Center Advisory Board.
  • Strong supporter of Civil Rights.
  • Career employee of local banking business.
  • First African American woman to be elected to the board of Selectmen of the City of West Point, serving her 5th term.
  • Active in neighborhood redevelopment projects.
  • Known for her hard work ethics as a business woman.


The Dugan Family
Community Leaders

  • Dr. P.B. Dugan practiced medicine in West Point. Business talents led him into banking where he became the president of First national Bank in 1882-1911. He felt that the confidence of the public is the most important asset of any business, bank or otherwise.
  • Arthur Dugan followed his uncle as President of FNB and Pierce Dugan was also an officer in the bank. Arthur was President from 1911-1946 and Chairman of the Board from 1946-1963.
  • The Dugan leadership of the bank helped promote agriculture and industry in Clay County. The FNB was the only National Bank not closed during the depression.
  • 1947, Arthur, Pierce, Mary Francis, and Henry, children of Reese and Rachel Dugan, donated to the City of West Point for school offices on Commerce, the site of their home.
  • Arthur Dugan’s will in 1963 provided bank stock to the city for the benefit of East Side School for playground equipment, which still provides equipment today.
  • Mary Dugan, the last survivor, left the Dugan’s Main Street home and provisional funds for the establishment of the Dugan Memorial Nursing Home which opened in 1967, providing jobs for many citizens and excellent care for the elderly.
  • Nephew, Arthur Butler Dugan was a Rhoads Scholar ant the son of Henry who provided funds for the Dugan Home expansion in 1984.


Willie J. Crawford
Business and Community Leader
Born: 1929 Died: 1987

  • Member of Mt. Herman Baptist Church – Chairman of the Deacon Board.
  • Successful businessman and brick mason. Contractor from 1950-1987.
  • Active member of the West Point Charity Club and the N.A.A.C.P. and the community.
  • Member of the Masonic Temple, Knights of Templar, Cyrenes. Order of the Eastern Star, Heroines of Jericho, Royal Arch, Shriners. Worshipful Master of Little John Lodge No. 305A.


Robert Capel Beckett, Jr.
Rhodes Scholar and Outstanding Lawyer
Born: December 4, 1886 Died: January 15, 1954

  • 1906 Graduate of Ole Miss.
  • 1907-1910 Attended Oxford University in England on one of the 1st Rhodes Scholarships at Ole Miss and in America.
  • Served as Artillery Captain in France and saw active duty in many famous battles during World War I.
  • 1912-1920 Served as local attorney for Illinois Central Railroad.
  • 1929 Moved to Chicago to become tax attorney for IC. Railroad and later promoted to General Attorney.
  • 1951 Returned to Long Beach, MS. and lived there until his death.


Mr. and Mrs. Robert Snow
Restorers of History
Mrs. Diana Snow – Born: June 9, 1933 – Died: December 19, 1994
Mr. Robert Snow – Born: November 25, 1925

  • Waverly mansion was built in 1852 as a magnificent tribute to Southern living however it began its decline in 1913 and stood vacant for the next 50 years.
  • In 1962 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Snow of Philadelphia, MS. purchased Waverly and a remarkable labor of love continues to restore the mansion and 40 acres to its past glory.
  • Spent over 33 years on the restoration and Waverley is listed as a National Historic Landmark.
  • Gained a listing to the National Register and received the National Restoration Award.
  • Their work on Waverly gave Clay County back the “Pride of Mississippi”.


Dr. Thomas L. Zuber
A Man of Broad Vision
Born July 16, 1887 Died July 26, 1956

  • Received A.B. from Morehouse College in Atlanta, GA. 1909.
  • Received M.D. from Meharry Medical College in Nashville, TN. in 1913.
  • Served as Army Battalion Surgeon in 365th Infantry in World War I. 1917-1918.
  • Past President of NE Mississippi Medical Assn. 1931-1948. Member of Board of Trustees of National Medical Association 1951-1954
  • 1952 Named MD of the Year by Mississippi Medical and Surgical Associates.
  • Deacon and Trustee of Mt. Herman Missionary Baptist Church and Trustee of Ministerial Institute and College.
  • State Secretary for the MS. Republican Executive Committee and 1948 and 1962 delegate to the Republican National Convention.


Mark Gordon Hazard
Veterinarian and Cattleman
Born: August 18, 1923

  • Life long resident of West Point, active civic leader and retired veterinarian, life member of Mississippi Veterinarian Medical Association.
  • President of Hazard Cattle Company, a steer grazing operation, organizer and former Director of West Point Stockyards.
  • Named Cattleman of the year in 1989 & Mississippi Cattleman of the year in 1990.
  • Combat Infantry Officer, 79th Infantry Division, World War II, European Theater-4 campaigns.
  • Awarded the Bronze Star Metal, CIB, French Croix de Guerre Army, Veterinary Corps, Korean Conflict.


Mike Reid
Hospital Administrator & Civic Leader
Born: August 22, 1940

  • In September 1977, was recruited to serve as administrator for Ivy Memorial Hospital in West Point.
  • Met the challenge of recruiting new doctors and formed a long range planning committee for a new hospital for Clay County.
  • In 1982, a plan for a new hospital was recommended through a affiliation with North Mississippi Health Service in Tupelo.
  • Although he credits the success of the Clay County Medical Center as a community accomplishment, he had the vision and the leadership to make the dream a reality


Rev. William Ivory (W.I.) Robbins
Beloved Minister & Community Leader
January 6, 1907

  • Began his ministerial work at age 26, as pastor of Mt. Herman Baptist Church for 27 years and St Paul Baptist Church of West Point for 23 years.
  • Rev. Robbins was an outstanding community leader helping bring stability to the civil rights movement in West Point.
  • Served as a contractor, a public school principal and President of the Ministerial Institute & College for 13 years.
  • He was an active member of the Clay County Masons.


Toxey D. Haas
Successful Businessman and Entrepreneur
Born: January 21, 1960

  • Born and raised in West Point, Mississippi.
  • Graduate of Oak Hill Academy.
  • Business and management Degree from Mississippi State university.
  • Founder and President of Haas Outdoors, established in 1986, the manufacturer of the world famous Mossy Oak pattern of camouflage clothing.
  • The company, locally based, has grown into a multi-million dollar company with a full line of clothing and recreational products.
  • Named Mississippi’s Small Business Man of the year in 1989.
  • In November 1998, he opened the South’s premier outdoor recreational outlet mall, The Mossy Oak Outlet, in his home town of West Point.


Malcolm Portera
Educator and Economic Developer
Born: January 31, 1946

  • Native of West Point, graduate of the West Point Public Schools.
  • Bachelor Degree and masters Degree from Mississippi State University.
  • PhD from the University of Alabama.
  • Spent over 20 years in educational administrative positions including Vice president of the University of Alabama and Vice Chancellor of the University of Alabama System.
  • Developed his own business development and strategic planning company and is credited with industrial activities of $1.5 billion.
  • On February 6, 1999, he was inaugurated as the 16th President of Mississippi State University.


Robert T. Lott
Dedicated Physician and Surgeon
Born: December 16, 1931

  • Born December 16, 1931 in Kilmichael, Mississippi.
  • Graduated from public schools in Kilmichael. Received B.S. Degree from Millsaps College and obtained his medical degree from the University of Tennessee in 1956.
  • Served in the U.S. Air Force from 1958-1960.
  • Member of the Mississippi State Medical Association, the American Medical Association, and the Bowers Surgical Society.
  • A caring physician for the community since 1968, holding steadfast during some of the hospital’s darkest hours by keeping Ivy Medical Hospital open and leading the way for the new hospital.

Freddie Davis
Civic leader and Businessman
Born: January 17, 1918 Died: July 20, 1983

  • Born January 17, 1918 in Strong Hill Community of West Point.
  • Member of the strong Hill Missionary Baptist Church serving as Deacon, Superintendent of Sunday School, and choir member.
  • Served on the Board of Trustees for the West Point Public School System.
  • One of the founding leaders of the Strong Hill Water Association, serving as President until his death.
  • Active community and civil rights leader.
  • Owner of Davis poultry Company, a local chicken processing company.


C. Preston Winters
Local Businessman and Community Leader
Born: September 4, 1907 Died: January 21, 1997

  • Born September 4, 1907 in Brookland, Arkansas.
  • Died January 21, 1997 in West Point, Mississippi.
  • Graduated from the University of Arkansas in Mechanical Engineering.
  • Served many years as Selectman of the City of West Point and was an active leader in the community.
  • Purchased downtown property from the Illinois Central Railroad and donated it to the city and the community. The property is the Sally Kate Winters Park.
  • Managed and operated extensive timberland with the desire to preserve wildlife and to enhance the natural growth of the forests


Jesse W. Harmon
Veteran and Community Leader
Born: August 9, 1920

  • Joined the U.S. Navy in 1942 and served his country in the Pacific until the end of the war.
  • Semi-pro baseball player for West Point and also umpired many years in West Point semi-pro and youth baseball leagues.
  • Active volunteer at West End Baptist Church, the Boy Scouts program and helped start the youth baseball league in West Point.
  • Has served the citizens of West point on the Board of Selectmen since 1969 as Vice Mayor of the board.


Lucille McLemore
Dedicated Educator
Born: August 30, 1901

  • Lifelong resident of Clay County and very active in church and community life.
  • Began a lifetime teaching career in 1921 after graduation from University of Women.
  • Elected in 1948 as Superintendent of Siloam Schools and served until the 1954 consolidation.
  • Joined the West Point City Schools in 1955 when she taught for the next 16 years and retired after 47 years of faithful service to the children of West Point and Clay County


Ruby I. Smith
Educator & Community Leader
Born: January 20, 1924

  • Taught in the West Point Public Schools as elementary teacher for nine years and served as Principal for 21 years.
  • Active member of St. Paul’s United Methodist Church, a loyal and dedicated citizen of West Point and recipient of countless community awards.
  • Presently serves an appointed term on the West Point Housing Authority.
  • Now serving an appointed term as member of the Board of Trustees for the West Point Municipal School System.


Bennie L. Turner
Civic & Community Leader
Born: August 21, 1948

  • Native of West Point and Clay County with college degree from Mary Holmes College and MSU. Received his Jurist Doctor Degree from the University of Mississippi.
  • Partner of Turner & Associates, PLLC of West Point, MS. Active in community and church activities.
  • City prosecuting attorney 1976-1979, county prosecuting attorney 1979-1992. Member of Board of Directors of Mary Holmes College and served as interim President
  • Represents Mississippi District 14 as State Senator which includes Clay, Lowndes, Noxubee,and Oktibbeha Counties


William Roy “Spanky” Bruce
DTL Editor 1983-1993
Born: January 5, 1935 Died: May 9, 1993

  • President, Clay County Chamber of Commerce, Clay County industrial Development Corporation, West Point Kiwanis Club, United Way of Clay County.
  • Chairman of CCEDC Business Recruitment Committee.
  • Board of Directors Golden Triangle Crimestoppers.
  • Founder West Point Hall of Fame Adopt-a-Family Program.
  • 1993 MUW Silver Inky Award recipient.
  • Little League baseball Coach for 35 years.


Chester Arthur “Howling Wolf” Burnett
Famous Bluesman
Born: 1910 – Died: 1975

  • Born and Raised at White Station in Clay County, Mississippi.
  • His Unique singing and strong rhymthic music became famous throughout the Mid-South and his popular broadcast over radio KWEM in West Memphis , Arkansas increased his musical fame.
  • Moved to Chicago in 1952 where he established himself as one of the most important artists in modern blues.
  • Inducted to Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1991.
  • Career exerted one of the strongest influences on the music scene of the ’60’s.


Dr. F. Price Ivy
Beloved Physician
Born: 1878 – Died: 1946

  • Born and Raised in Palo Alto.
  • Attended University of Mississippi and graduated from Memphis Hospital Medical College in 1902.
  • Built the Ivy Hospital in 1918 and operated this facility until 1940.
  • From 1919-1939 he operated a nurses training school in connection with his hospital.
  • Devoted his entire medical career to the citizens of this area.
  • It has been said he never refused to admit a patient to his hospital or to answer a call of a patient.


Mary Alice Wooten Taylor
National Business Leader
Born: February 11, 1950

  • Born and Raised in West Point, MS.
  • Graduate of West Point High School.
  • Graduate of Mississippi State University in 1971.
  • Certified Public Accountant.
  • Senior Vice-President of Federal Express Corporation, the world’s largest express transportation company.
  • Manager of all Federal Express delivery in North and South America and the Caribbean.
  • Demonstrates Exceptional Leadership Abilities in her community and career and has brought recognition to her home town.


John H. Bryan, Jr.
National & International Business Leader
Born: 10-5-1936

  • Born in West Point, MS. Graduated from West Point High School.
  • Graduated from Rhodes College with B.A.F. degree in Economics & Business Administration.
  • Began his business career in family owned/operated business, Bryan Foods.
  • Named CEO and Chairman of Sara Lee Corporation in 1976 in Chicago, IL.
  • Active in variety of organizations and has received countless recognitions and honors for achievement.
  • In West Point he was active in the Education, Business, Church & Cultural scene.
  • Has remained a loyal and faithful supporter of his hometown, West Point, through the years and is known for his generosity to the town.


John Nelson (J.N.) Orr
Educator & Community Leader
Born: June 8, 1909

  • Born in Brooksville, MS. Attended elementary and secondary school in Brooksville, MS.
  • Attended Ministerial Institute in West Point, Alcorn College, and Rust College, B.A.
  • Received Master of Education & Administration from Indiana University.
  • Moved to West Point in 1952.
  • Active member of St. Paul’s Missionary Baptist Church.
  • First black elected to city Board of Selectmen – Served two terms.
  • Professor Orr served in Administrative position at Fifth Street School for 17 years.
  • An outstanding community leader and a strong supporter of his community.



Samuel Brawley Bigham
Born: August 2, 1913

  • Born in Pontotoc, Mississippi, the son of Dr. Eugene Newton Bigham, Sr. and Lizzie Sample Bigham.
  • Married Emmy Ruth Smith in 1938. Daughter – Virginia Ruth Bigham, born in 1950.
  • Graduated from Pontotoc High School in 1931. Received Bachelor of Arts Degree in 1936 and Master of Arts Degree in 1948 from the University of Mississippi. Earned additional graduate credits at Mississippi State University AAA certification earned in 1967.
  • Served as teacher and grammar school principal in sequence in the Pontotoc schools 1936-42: as secondary school principal, assistant superintendent, and superintendent in sequence in the West Point schools 1947-1976.
  • A Baptist in faith and practice. Became a member of First Baptist Church, West Point, in 1947.
  • Served in the Armed Forces 1942-1945 with overseas service in England, France, and Germany.
  • Awarded the title of Superintendent Emeritus, West point School District, by the Board of Trustees in 1976.
  • Membership held in numerous professional organizations.
  • Guided city school successfully through difficult integration period of the early 1960s


Dr. Thomas Nathan Braddock, Jr.
Physician & Community Leader
Born: August 18, 1924

  • Graduate of Ripley High School, Mississippi College, and University of Tennessee Medical School.
  • Served in U.S. Navy during World War II.
  • Began Medical Practice in 1951 in West Point, Mississippi.
  • Rotarian, Paul Harris Fellow, past President of Rotary Club.
  • Elder and teacher in First Presbyterian Church EPC.
  • Director of First National Bank.
  • Director Board of Trustees of Dugan Memorial Home.
  • Director of American Heart Association, Mississippi division.
  • Past-Director Tombigbee Valley Water Management District.
  • Past-Director Board of Trustees, Clay County Medical Center.
  • Past-Director American Cancer Society, Mississippi Division.
  • Past-President Northeast Mississippi Medical Society.
  • Past-President Prairie Medical Society.
  • Widely respected physician and an active community leader.


George W. Bryan
Business Leader
Born: April 5, 1944

  • 1962 Graduate of West Point High School.
  • 1967 Graduate of Mississippi State University, Business Administration.
  • Senior Vice-President, Sara Lee Corporation.
  • One time President of Bryan Foods.
  • Treasurer and board director of American Meat Institute.
  • Executive committee, American Meat Institute.
  • 1992 Alumni Fellow – Mississippi State University.
  • Board Director, Union Planters National Bank, Memphis, Tennessee.
  • Board Director, Danek Group, Memphis, Tennessee
  • Board Director, MSU Development Foundation.
  • Founder of Old Waverly Golf Club, an economic force in the community.


Whitten Roy Bruce
Chief of Police
Born: September 1, 1899

  • Native of Sherman, Mississippi.
  • Army Veteran of World War I.
  • Moved to West Point in 1935 to manage Mullens Funeral Home.
  • Elected Chief of Police in 1916 on a reform ticket to clean up the beer joints and illegal whiskey sales. He and Mayor Thompson McClellan did the job in two years.
  • Elected Chief five times in all.
  • One of the founders of the City’s Youth Recreation Program.
  • Longtime supporter of local sports.
  • Longtime Kiwanian and member of the First Baptist Church.


Ernest Davis, Sr.
Born: November 27, 1907

  • First black policeman to serve in West Point. Served honorably for many years. Respected by both races while doing an excellent job in a difficult job.
  • Train porter for old Mobile & Ohio Railroad in the 1920’s.
  • One time service station owner.
  • Owner of local cab business in West Point for 10 years.
  • Worked at the Post Office for 15 years.
  • First school bus driver for black children.
  • Served as deputy law enforcement officer many times.
  • Respected citizen of the community.


Charles Buren Cliett, Sr.
Distinguished Educator & Citizen
Born: July 10, 1924

  • Graduate of West Point High School, 1942. Received B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology in 1945. Received M.S. in Aeronautical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology in 1950.
  • Served in U.S. Navy V12 Program, 1943-1946. Commissioned-Ensign, U.S.N.R., 1945
  • Taught mathematics, West Point High School, 1946-1947.
  • Instructor to Professor of Aeronautical Engineering at Mississippi State University 1947-1960.
  • Appointed Head of Department of Aeronautical Engineering, 1960.
  • Aerospace and Aerophysics Departments merged; Appointed head of joint department, 1967
  • Retired after 31 years as department head, 1991.
  • Named Professor and Head, Department of Aerospace Engineering Emeritus by the Board of Trustees, Institutions of Higher Learning, 1991.
  • Professional memberships: Registered Professional Engineer (MS), American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, AIAA Academic Affairs Committee (1979-1991), American Society for Engineering Education, Mississippi Academy of Sciences, Aerospace Department Chairman’s Association – Secretary 1978, President 1979.
  • Active member of First Christian Church.
  • Honors and Awards: Sigma Gamma Tau-Aerospace National Honor Society, Tau Beta Pi-Engineering National honor Society, Selected as an “Outstanding Educator of America” 1972, Listed in Who’s Who in America and Who’s Who in engineering. Faculty achievement award-M.S.U. Alumni Association 1987, Career Achievement Award-College of Engineering, 1988.
  • Served on the West Point Planning Commission from its establishment in 1959 until 1971.


A.M. Edwards, Jr.
Attorney & Community Leader
Born: June 14, 1926

  • Graduate Ingomar High, 1944
  • U.S. Navy, 1944-1946.
  • Married Luriene in 1945.
  • Graduated from University of Mississippi law School in 1954.
  • Secretary and president of West Point Lions Club.
  • Member of Mississippi and American Bar Association.
  • Member of Peoples Bank and Trust Company of Tupelo.
  • Served 22 years as attorney for the Clay County Board of Supervisors.
  • Responsible for developing Clay County’s first tax reappraisal plan.
  • Attorney for the West Point School Board.
  • Longtime worker in the City Youth Baseball Program.
  • Worker in many other community projects.


Bessie D. Johnson
Outstanding Home Economist
Born: November 12, 1938

  • Developed and taught a variety of programs in Clay County including Nutrition, parenting, financial management, food preservation, home furnishings, leadership development, home base business, landscaping, energy conservation, water quality, self defense for women, family life, and community development.
  • Successful leader for advisory councils, Extension Homemaker’s Club and other groups.
  • Under her leadership some accomplishments were: Donated books to Bryan Public Library, Collected funds for prevention of blindness and took part in fight against illiteracy.
  • Worked with Prairie Opportunity youth program, day care centers, kindergartens, American Red Cross, 4-H Clubs, Neighborhood Watch Program, and wellness education program.
  • She won the National Distinguished Service Award for 1991.


Charles Pollard
Community Leader
Born: September 15, 1928

  • Graduate of Mathiston High School.
  • Graduate of Wood Junior College.
  • Veteran of U.S. Air Force.
  • Worked in Bank of Ackerman before coming to The Bank of West Point in 1955.
  • Retired as President from Bank of Mississippi in 1991 after 35 years.
  • Longtime active member of the First Baptist Church.
  • Longtime member and officer in Clay County Community Development Corp.
  • Longtime member and past-President of West Point Kiwanis Club.
  • Supporter and worker in Youth Baseball League activities.
  • Respected by the community for his fairness and loyalty.


John Hollie Thomas
Community Leader
Born: July 14, 1922

  • Graduate of Siloam High School in 1940.
  • Air Force Veteran of World War II.
  • Attended Sunflower Junior College.
  • Graduate of Mississippi State.
  • Associated with Murdock Acceptance Corp. for may years in Missouri, Illinois and Mississippi.
  • Joined the First national bank in West point after leaving Murdock.
  • Active in First Baptist Church.
  • Longtime member and past President of West Point Lions Club.
  • Longtime worker and leader in Clay County Democratic party. Honored for that work in 1991.


James D. “Jimmy” Bryan
Community & Business Leader
Born: October 22, 1937

  • Chairman of Board of Directors of Ivy Memorial Hospital when that board decided to build a new and modern hospital. Bryan was very instrumental in seeing that dream come true. He led the effort to pass a voter referendum and then guided the board through the planning stages for the Clay County Medical Center. The new facility opened in September 1985.
  • Graduate of West Point High School.
  • Attended Mississippi State University.
  • Member of the Board of Directors of the Livestock Marketing Association, Bank of Mississippi, and the C&G Railroad.
  • Chairman of Finance Committee and active member of the First United Methodist Church.
  • President of East Mississippi Council.
  • President of B.Bryan Farms, Prairie Livestock, Inc. and Tom Soya Grain Company


Jennie Erle Cox Jaco
Maid of Cotton – 1945
Born: December 12, 1925

  • Named the National Maid of Cotton in 1945. In this capacity she traveled across America representing the National Cotton Council, bringing recognition to her home town and the state of Mississippi.
  • Graduate of West Point High School.
  • Graduate of Stephens College and Mississippi State University.
  • Successful business woman with Performance Dynamics Corporation, Performax Systems International, and Shaklee Corporation.
  • Member of Board of Directors of the Wesley Institute.
  • Named Woman of the Year, Business and Professional Women’s Association.


Thompson McClellan
Mayor, Legislator, Community Leader
Born: August 11, 1899

  • Served as Mayor of West Point from 1946 to 1953. His administration was recognized as honest, conservative, and strong on law enforcement.
  • During his term in office he was instrumental in forming the North Mississippi Industrial Development Corporation.
  • He served 5 terms in the Mississippi Legislature where he became one of that body’s most effective members.
  • Practiced law in West Point for almost 50 years beginning in 1923.
  • Veteran of World War II.
  • Graduate of the University of Mississippi, the University’s Law School and was an active supporter of Ole Miss all his adult life. He served a term as president of the Alumni Association.
  • A member of Sigma Chi Fraternity and held many official positions in the organization.
  • Served as City of West Point’s attorney, the Clay County Board of Supervisors attorney, as a trustee of the Carnegie Library and as president of the Clay County Bar Association.
  • Active member of Christ United Methodist Church.
  • Served on Mississippi Committee of the Newcomen Society of England.


Louis James O’dNeal
Community Leader
Born: September 27, 1936

  • Graduate of Northside High School in West Point.
  • Attended Mary Holmes College and graduated from MI & College.
  • Active member of Union Star Baptist Church serving as officer and deacon.
  • Active in NAACP for many years, receiving that organization’s award for community and affairs.
  • Served as president of the NAACP Clay County Chapter.
  • Member of the Board of Trustees, Mary Holmes College.
  • Member of the Board of Directors, West Point High School band.
  • Member of the Board of Directors of the United Way.
  • Member of the Board of Directors of Sally Kate Winters Home for Abused Children.
  • Received the President’s Certificate of Merit from Mary Holmes College.
  • Received Outstanding Service Award from UFCW Union Local #515
  • Received Johnny Jackson NAACP Award.


John Pitchlyn, Sr.
White Settler
Born: January 11, 1775

  • John Pitchlyn, Sr. was the first white settler in Clay County area. He was the son of an English Naval officer. He was adopted and raised by the Choctaw Indian Nation when his father died.
  • Pitchlyn’s most important service was his active opposition to the scheme of Tecumseh, the Shawnee Chief who tried to form a coalition of all the Indian nations east of the Mississippi River in a war against the whites. He died on May 20, 1835.


James B. Berryhill
War Hero
Born: January 23, 1921

  • A native of Monroe County
  • Joined Army during World War Two
  • Eventually stationed in the Philippine Islands and was captured in 1942 when the Japanese overran the Islands.
  • Survived the Infamous Bataan Death March in April of 1942. 76,000 men – 12,000 of the Americans – began the 60 mile march, but only 54,000 reached the end. Some escaped, but over 10,000 perished. The ordeal was not over for those who survived. 40% of the march survivors died later of disease, hunger, or maltreatment.
  • Later, Berryhill was shipped by boat to Japan and was rescued in a prison camp at the end of the war.
  • He eventually returned home in the fall of 1946.
  • Made his permanent home in West Point and was a long time employee of Bryan Foods.


Caesar David Coleman
Religious leader
Born: October 4, 1919

  • Grew up in West Point, attending Jim James Elementary School and Mary Holmes College.
  • B.D. Degree from Lincoln University.
  • A founder and trustee of the Interdenominational Theological Center in Atlanta, GA.
  • Member of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, Nation Urban League, and the Congress of National Black Churches.
  • Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Texas College, Tyler TX.
  • Received “Trailblazer Award” by the South Dallas Business and Professional Businessmen’s Club.
  • Listed by Money Magazine as one of America’s 100 most influential black Americans.
  • Honored by the Interdenominational Ministers Alliance of Dallas as “Outstanding Manager of the Year”.
  • Installed as Senior Bishop of the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church in 1986, the 36th man to serve in this position.


Catherine Wilkerson Bryan
Civic Leader & Humanitarian
Born: February 22, 1909

  • Native of Greenville, Mississippi
  • Attended school in Winterville, MS. and Greenville.
  • Graduate of Mississippi State College for Women.
  • Married John Bryan, Sr., Co-founder of Bryan Foods in 1936
  • Charter member of West Point’s Junior Auxiliary and helped found Teen Town.
  • Active member and leader in the First Presbyterian Church.
  • Served as president of Clay County Association for Retarded Children for many years.
  • Active member of the Horseshoe Robinson Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution.
  • Authorized many articles in Genealogical Publications.
  • Bryan Public Library in West Point named for Mr. and Mrs. Bryan.
  • Two scholarships set up in her name at Mississippi State University for Women.
  • Founded Catherine W. Bryan School for Special Children in 1989.
  • Named West Point’s Outstanding Citizen in 1989.


William T. “Bubba” Davis
Successful Football Coach
Born: November 4, 1947

  • Native of West Point and played football at W.P.H.S.
  • Award winning athlete and leader at Delta State University.
  • Began coaching in Georgia in 1969 before coming back to West Point in 1974 as assistant coach.
  • Named head coach at WPHS in 1981.
  • 1982 team had record of 13-0, West Point’s only undefeated team in history. That team won the State 2-AA Championship and was ranked #1 in the state.
  • 1984 team went to the State Championship game.
  • 1987 team won State 4-A Championship
  • 1988 team won State 4-A Championship
  • Honored many times for his accomplishments including being named coach of the year by news media and coaching organizations.
  • Had a winning percentage of over 77%


R.C. Davis
Mayor of West Point 1936-1946
Born: October 26, 1882 Died: December 22, 1960

  • Born in Tishomingo County
  • Successful businessman. Operated Davis 5¢ and 10¢ store from 1909-1936.
  • Director of the First National Bank.
  • Charter member of the West Point Rotary Club.
  • Active member and officer of the Clay County Chamber of Commerce.
  • Active member of the Odd Fellows and the Masons.
  • Active leader in the First Christian Church of West Point, served as both a deacon and as an elder.
  • Served on the State Board of the Christian Church for many years.
  • Remembered as a man whose caring for others was the hallmark.


John Baptist
First mayor of West Point

  • First Mayor of West Point, First Elected in 1858, Served until 1870.
  • Served with Confederate Army from 1861-1865. Citizens retained him as Mayor during those years.
  • Leader in the Presbyterian Church.
  • Later founded the first Catholic Church in County.
  • Served two terms as Postmaster of West Point.
  • First moved to Palo Alto community before moving his family to Main Street in West Point.
  • One of the first settlers in city.
  • Beloved and respected by the city’s residents during his 27 years in office.


Dede L. Jackson Darley
School Teacher & Community Leader
Born: June 4, 1907

  • School teacher in West Point School System for 47 years.
  • First black teacher to teach in West Point High School after desegregation in 1969.
  • Young adult Sunday school teacher for over 40 years.
  • Director of Baptist Training Union.
  • President of Women’s Missionary Society.
  • Member of St. Paul missionary Baptist Church for many years.
  • Taught at following schools: West Point High School, West Point Colored High School, M.I. College and High School, Northside high School, Southside School, Fifth Street junior high School.
  • Winner of “Outstanding leadership and Service” Award of St. Paul missionary Society in 1975.


Catherine Parker Bryan Dill
Civic Leader
Born April 25, 1942

  • Graduate of West Point High School and University of Mississippi.
  • College Activities: Chi Omega Sorority, “M” Club Sweetheart, Danforth Organizations.
  • School teacher.
  • Founder, Director, Teacher in First United Methodist Church Kindergarten and Nursery School, 1966-78.
  • First Executive Director of United Way in 1984. United Way tremendously successful under her leadership.
  • Tireless worker in West point Garden Club, Prairie Girl Scouts, Welfare foster care board, V.I.P.’s in public school, Federal Emergency Association, Clay County Association for Retarded Children, First United Methodist Church, West point Swim Association.
  • Clay County’s Outstanding Citizen in 1987.


Mrs. C.P. (Martha) Winters
Born: September 27, 1911

  • Church leader of the First Methodist Church serving as Sunday School Teacher and on the administrative board.
  • Volunteer worker at Dugan Memorial Home.
  • Organizer of the Ivy Memorial Hospital Auxiliary. Also served in the Clay County Medical Center Auxiliary.
  • Board member of the American Cancer Society.
  • Board member of Safe Haven, Inc., A shelter for domestic violence and sexual abuse.
  • Board member Big Brothers/Big Sisters.
  • Along with her husband, purchased the city park in downtown West Point and donated it to the city in 1983. The park was renamed Sally Kate Winters Park in honor of their daughter.
  • Member of the West Point Civitan Club.
  • Longtime worker in United Way.
  • Member of Daughters of the American Revolution.
  • Board member of Concerned Citizens for Abused Children.


John W. Jackson, Sr.
Community leader and Civil Rights Activist
Born: May 29, 1923

  • Organizer, charter member of Clay County Chapter NAACP.
  • President of Tombigbee Council on Human Relations in Oktibbeha, Clay, Lowndes, and Noxubee counties.
  • Active member of Mississippi Council on Human Relations.
  • Assisted in organizing the Mississippi Freedom Democratic party.
  • Spearheaded the class action for desegregation of West Point City School System.
  • Charter member of the American Legion post 212, executive board member Pusmataha Council of the Boy Scouts of America, member of the minority council on Tenn-Tom Waterway.
  • Co-Founder of Prairie Minority Development Association, which provided assistance to minority businesses in 10 county area.
  • Member of West Point Planning Commission.
  • First black to run for city Board of Selectmen and first black to run for State legislature during onset of civil rights movement.
  • Trustee of Mary Holmes College.
  • Member of Clay County medical Center Board of Directors.
  • President of Clay County Recreation Action.
  • Veteran of World War II.
  • Awarded “The Award of the Decade” by Clay County Chapter NAACP.


Robert L. ‘Bob’ McRaney
Pioneer Broadcaster & Community Leader
Born: January 17, 1912

  • Career started as organist with Paramount Public Theaters in the south.
  • Began in radio in 1929 at WTFB in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.
  • In 1940 built WCBI radio station and developed the Mid-South Network.
  • In 1958 he retired as general manager of Mid-South Network and moved to West Point radio station WROB. Later founded WKBB.
  • Served as Executive Secretary of Mississippi Broadcasters Association for 18 years.
  • Editor of the “Antique Car Times” and the “Mid American Automobile Association Magazine”.
  • Deacon and Sunday school teacher in First Baptist Church.
  • Organizer and charter member of Broadcasters Association.


Jane Fartheree Smith
Mississippi’s Miss Hospitality in 1957
Born: December 15, 1938

  • Attended Millsaps College in Jackson and graduated from University of Mississippi with BAE degree in education in 1959.
  • Selected West Point’s “Miss Hospitality” in 1957. Sponsored by West Point’s Kiwanis Club.
  • Selected Mississippi’s “Miss Hospitality” in 1957 and crowned by Governor J.P. Coleman in Biloxi, Mississippi.
  • One of the youngest winners of the crown and first state winner from West Point.
  • Traveled throughout Mississippi and the United States promoting tourism and acting as Mississippi’s ambassador of good will.
  • Served as hostess in Mississippi’s booths at travel shows in New York City, Chicago, Atlantic City, Washington D.C., and Kansas City.
  • Made numerous television and radio appearances promoting Mississippi products and attractions.
  • Taught school for 14 years.
  • Member of First United Methodist Church serving as member of the administrative board, Sunday school teacher, and member and soloist in Chanel Choir for 28 years.
  • Member and former officer of West Point Music Coterie, appearing in many coterie and “follies” shows.


Allie Laura Stevens Vance
Public School Teacher & Civic Leader
Born: November 1, 1916

  • Public school counselor, elementary and secondary teacher.
  • President of West Point Pilot Club.
  • President of Dixie Senior Baseball League.
  • Sec/Treas., Scorekeeper, President of Dixie Youth League.
  • Served as test coordinator for West point Public Schools.
  • President of West Point Teachers Association for two terms.
  • Nominated as Mississippi Association of Educators Member of the Year.
  • Served on the State Legislative Committee for three years.
  • Opened career center at 5th Street Junior High School in 1978.
  • Organized Student Council at 5th Street Junior High.
  • Awarded “Woman of Distinction Award” by Mississippi Delta Kappa Gamma.
  • Longtime member of Horseshoe Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution.
  • Member of First Baptist Church, serving over 20 years in the nursery and over 30 years in the children’s department.
  • Worked with the heart fund and the cancer fund.
  • Recognized in “Personalities of the South” in 1974, 1975, and 1976.
  • Graduate of Blue Mountain College and Memphis State University.


C.C. Clark
Pioneer Coca-Cola Bottler
Born: January 26, 1882

  • Moved to West Point and opened cola plant in 1906.
  • Prominent in city’s social, religious life.
  • Devout Presbyterian. Served as Deacon and Elder of the church.
  • Charter member and President of West Point Rotary Club.
  • Served on Red Cross board of directors.
  • President and board member of Clay County Chamber of Commerce.
  • Vice President and director of First National Bank.
  • Trustee of Belhaven College in Jackson, Mississippi.
  • Outstanding worker in Boy Scouts of America.
  • Received Boy Scout’s Silver Beaver Award in 1936.
  • Director of National Coca-Cola Board of Directors for 22 years.
  • Served as national Coca-Cola Board’s President 1926-1928.
  • Honored by the Coca-Cola Company at Waldorf Astoria in New York in 1949.
  • Frequently referred to as “West Point’s first citizen” during his lifetime.


James Lee Stafford
Prominent Businessman
Born: July 16, 1940

  • Founded The Prairie Arts Festival in 1979 and remained chairman of the event for many years.
  • Partner in CPA firm of Watkins Ward & Stafford.
  • President of West Point Kiwanis Club.
  • President of West Point Community Chest.
  • Served two terms as President of Clay County Industrial Development Corporation.
  • Director of West Point Jaycees.
  • Board of Directors of Mary Holmes College.
  • Director of Mississippi Economic Council.
    Served the local medical community as member of Clay County Medical Center long range planning committee and Chairman of doctor recruitment committee.
  • Member of Board of Directors, First Citizens Bank, Tupelo, Mississippi.
  • Member of First Baptist Church.


William Earl Taylor
Community Leader
Born: March 2, 1924

  • One of the founders of the local baseball program.
  • Active member of the First Baptist Church.
  • Active in local sports activity for over 40 years.
  • Star athlete at West Point High School.
  • Served in military in World War II.
  • National director of Dizzy Dean Baseball for many years.
  • Founder and President of local sportsman club.
  • President and officer in West Point Kiwanis Club for over thirty years.
  • Served as City Clerk, Tax Assessor, and City Recreational Director.
  • Baseball field named in his honor in 1985.
  • Longtime supporter of West Point Green Wave.
  • Loved and respected by young and old in the community.


Mary Christine Gregory White
School Teacher
Born: August 4, 1917

  • Graduate of MSCW.
  • Taught in West Point School System for 25 years.
  • Taught at Mississippi University for Women for 17 years.
  • Secretary of Mississippi Teachers of College of Mathematics.
  • Chairman of MISS-AL Division of National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.
  • Granted life membership and emeritus rank in Phi Kappa Delta.
  • President of Women’s Culture Club
  • Sunday School teacher in First Christian Church for many years.
  • Christine White Mathematics Scholarship established by former students.
  • Nominated in 1986 by departments of mathematics and physical science of MUW as teacher of the year.
  • Served as Department of Education committee to write the first statewide course of study for high school mathematics.


W.B. Bryan
Industrialist & Cattleman
Born: July 7, 1906

  • Co-Founder of Bryan Brothers Packing Company in 1936. Bryan became Mississippi’s largest meat packing plant.
  • President of Bryan from 1936 through 1968.
  • Founder of Prairie Livestock Incorporated, one of the largest stocker and feeder cattle operations in the south.
  • Director and Vice-President of the Bank of West Point.
  • Trustee of Ivy Memorial Hospital.
  • Member of the National Cattlemen’s Association.
  • Owned extensive farming and cattle operations.
  • Enjoyed the reputation as one of the best cattle buyers in the United States.


Howard Coleman
Public Official & Humanitarian
Born: October 9, 1896

  • Served in many public offices in Clay County including Deputy Sheriff, Deputy Chancery Clerk, and Chancery Clerk.
  • Elected as Chancery Clerk of Clay County in 1943.
  • Served as executive directory of the Clay County Chamber of Commerce.
  • Active in the Presbyterian Church.
  • He is best known in Clay County for his publication of a newsletter to all local servicemen during World War II and the Korean war. Those letters told the veterans what was happening in West Point and also told them where other hometown servicemen were stationed. He endeared himself to a generation of young men and women with these newsletters.


Thomas Guinn Goode
NFL Football Star
Born: December 1, 1935

  • All-State in football for West Point High School in 1956.
  • All-American center at Mississippi State University in 1961.
  • Elected Mr. Mississippi State and MSU’s Outstanding athlete.
  • Played professional football for Houston Oilers, Miami Dolphins, and Baltimore Colts.
  • All-Pro center for Miami in 1967.
  • Coached at Mississippi State, Ole Miss, and Vanderbilt.
  • Chosen one of America’s outstanding young men in 1972.
  • Elected Mississippi’s Sportsman of the Year in 1974.
  • Inducted into Mississippi State Hall of Fame in 1976.
  • Inducted into Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame in 1983.
  • Recognized in his profession for outstanding work with young men.


William Henry Harris
Newspaper Publisher
Born: May 24, 1925

  • Editor of the West Point Daily Times Leader 1953-1975.
  • Founder of Starkville Daily News, 1960.
  • Served in U.S. Army Air Corps in World War II.
  • Served as President of the Clay County Chamber of Commerce, the West Point Rotary Club, and many other civic organizations.
  • Active in The First Baptist Church of West Point.
  • While president of the Mississippi Press Association, he introduced the “Colonel Mim” program to encourage consumers to spend their money in Mississippi.
  • Served as president of the Mississippi Economic Council.
  • Original Commissioner of the Golden Triangle Regional Airport.
  • Received many Journalism Awards.


John H. Bryan Sr.
Co-Founder of Bryan Foods
Born: June 24, 1908

  • He and his brother, W.B. Bryan, founded Bryan Foods in 1936.
  • The plant grew from small beginnings to West Point’s largest industry.
  • President of J.H. Bryan, Inc., at one time West Point’s largest homebuilder and residential property owner. The company built hundreds of homes for low and middle income groups.
  • President of J.H. Bryan Foundation which provides scholarships at MUW, Mississippi State, Mary Holmes College and other schools.
  • President of West Point Kiwanis Club.
  • President of Clay County Chamber of Commerce.
  • Deacon and Elder in the First Presbyterian Church.
  • Member of the American Meat Institute board of Directors.
  • One of the founders of the Mississippi Cattleman’s Association.
  • Avid golfer and sportsman.
  • Bryan Public Library named in his family’s honor.


Robert Barnes Marshall
Mayor of West Point
Born: September 28, 1908

  • Mayor of the City of West Point for five terms, 1953-1969,1970-1973
  • Prominent West Point Businessman.
  • Friend and supporter of city’s Young people and Recreational Program.
  • President of Mississippi Municipal Association.
  • Presided over one of West Point’s most progressive city administrations in history.
  • Played a prominent role in bringing Babcock and Wilcox Company to West Point.
  • President and Treasurer of the North Mississippi Industrial Development Association.
  • President of West point Kiwanis Club.
  • Involved in many civic and community organizations.
  • Marshall park is named in his honor.
  • Guided the city through one of its largest growth periods, improving many services including fire and police protection, streets, water supply, recreation, and sewage facilities.


Elizabeth McAmis Miller
School Teacher
Born: April 26, 1901

  • Taught in West Point School System for 45 years, retiring in 1979.
  • Family moved to West Point in 1906.
  • Received B.A. Degree from M.S.C.W. in 1933.
  • One of the city’s most beloved school teachers.
  • West Point High School annual dedicated to her in 1964.
  • Books have been placed in Bryan Public library in her honor by several former students.
  • Awarded the Student Teacher Award in 1964.
  • In 1976, a former student, Linda Wyman, established the Elizabeth Miller English Award at West point High School. The award is given each year to the school’s outstanding English student.
  • Honored by faculty and students upon her retirement from active teaching.
  • Teacher of young peoples Sunday School class in the First Baptist Church for 20 years.


Lenore Loving Prather
Mississippi Supreme Court Justice
Born: September 17, 1931

  • Appointed in 1983 as first woman Supreme Court justice in Mississippi by Governor William Winter.
  • Appointed in 1971 as first woman Chancery judge in Mississippi by Governor John Bell Williams.
  • City of West Point Municipal Judge, 1965-1971.
  • Daughter of State Senator Byron H. Loving and Mrs. Loving.
  • Graduate of West Point High School.
  • Graduate of Mississippi State College for Women in 1951.
  • Named to Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universities while at Mississippi State College for Women.
  • Graduate of the University of Mississippi Law School in 1955.
  • Active supporter of Girl Scouts of America.
  • Active in many community activities in West Point and Columbus.


Thomas Jefferson Tubb
Born: August 18, 1899

  • Community leader in West Point for 60 years.
  • Born in Amory, moved to West Point after graduation from the University of Mississippi in 1922.
  • Taught men’s Sunday school class of First Christian Church for over 35 years.
  • Attorney for the City of West point for 31 years.
  • West Point School Board Attorney for 17 years.
  • First President of the Clay County Democratic committee in 1926.
  • Delegate in two national Democratic Party conventions.
  • Member of the West Point Rotary Club for over 50 years.
  • One of the founders of the Clay County Chamber of Commerce.
  • Director of the First National Bank and the Clay County Federal Savings and Loan Association.
  • Served on the Mississippi Board of Trustees for the Institutions of Higher learning. 1954-1964