City Hall

Normal business hours for City Hall are from 8:00 A.M. until 5:00 P.M., Monday through Friday. Closed on holidays and weekends.

All individuals and companies who engage in business of any kind within the Corporate Limits of the City of West Point are required by State Law to have a Privilege License.

Privilege Licenses may be obtained by filling out an application and payment of applicable fees at City Hall during normal business hours.

Generally, each Privilege License is valid for one year from the date of issuance. Some Privilege Licenses are issued for less than a year.

The minimum fee is $20.00. However, the cost of each license is based on the type of business, the number of employees, and the value of the store inventory.

City and Municipal School District property taxes are collected in October and November of each year.

There is a late-payment charge of 1% per month applied to all taxes paid after the final due date.

No. Prior to the final due date, a taxpayer may pay one half of the amount owed. The following month, the taxpayer pays one fourth of the amount, and the remaining one fourth must be paid in the following month.

The property tax roll is prepared by the Clay County Tax Assessor, then reviewed and approved by the Clay County Board of Supervisors. After approval, the roll is provided to the City.

The Clay County Board of Supervisors holds a public hearing each year prior to approving the assessment roll.

The regular monthly meeting of the Board is the second Tuesday of each month at 5:30 P.M.

Yes, all meetings of the Board of Mayor and Selectmen are open to the public.

A summary copy of the Board proceedings is published each month on this website. Paper copies may be requested by calling City Hall at 662-494-2573 during normal business hours. There is a nominal copying charge.

All public documents of the City of West Point are available for review at City Hall during normal working hours. Original copies of public documents may not be removed from City Hall for any purpose. Any public document may be copied upon written request and payment of a nominal copying charge.

Some documents, such as maps, bound volumes, etc, are too large to be copied by the City Hall staff. However, any public document can be copied upon special request and payment of applicable copying fees.

City approved plastic garbage bags and trash bags are available for purchase at City Hall during normal business hours.

Under certain limited circumstances, portions of Sally Kate Winter Park, Veterans Park, Legion Park, and the Kitty Dill Memorial Parkway may be used for private functions. All such activities require PRIOR approval at least a month in advance. Contact the City Hall for more information.

The Civic Center and the Fairgrounds Recreation Center Building are available on a first come, first served basis for private functions, parties, reunions, and other similar activities. These facilities can accommodate up to 400 people in a variety of setup arrangements. Daily rental rates apply. For more information regarding rental of the Civic, call 662-494-2573. For information regarding rental of the Recreation Center, call 662-494-2573. Also, call 662-494-2573 to schedule the use of city parks. Reservations and payment of all fees in advance is required.

Fire Department


The number is 662-494-1531.

Call 911.



Before contacting the Fire Department, the trash you want to burn must be limited to natural products such as wood, leaves, sticks. The pile shall be 50 feet away from any structure. You shall have a water hose that will reach all the way around the fire. The fire must be attended at all times. Once all these requirements can be met, call the Fire Department at 662-494-1531 and we will come inspect the area before issuing a permit.

If the West Point Fire Department responds to a fire where your property has burned, you may obtain a fire report at Station 1 on Brame Avenue.

Come by Station 1 and pick up an application. Fill it out and then return it to the Fire Department.

No. We will come stand by until the Gas Company arrives on the scene. Everyone needs to leave the area or the building if gas is detected until help arrives.

Contrary to anything previously seen on TV, the Fire Department does not remove cats from trees. They will come down by themselves.

The Fire Inspector is also responsible for Public Education. Ask to speak to him.

You may bring it by Fire Station number 1. We have someone from Columbus who comes by to service fire extinguishers. Or, we can provide you with a list of names of people and their phone numbers who service fire extinguishers.

Contact Randy Jones at City Hall – 662-494-2573.

Police Department

84 E. Westbrook Street West Point, MS. 39773.

Our telephone number is 662-494-1244.

Our fax number is 662-494-1398.

From the MHP Department of Public Safety in the Ivy Complex at the corner of Griffin and High streets.

1:00 pm every Tuesday, and 9:00 am every second and fourth Friday. The Municipal court number is 662-494-6386.

The second door on the west side of the police department.

The highway patrol number in Starkville, MS. is: (662) 323-5314.

662-494-1432 or 662-494-2262. Please indicate your name and the address that has the problem between the hours of 8 – 4:30. After hours call 911.

The dog catcher’s number is 662-295-6109.

Public Works

Garbage is collected once a week, either on Wednesday or Thursday. Please call Public Works at 662-494-3513 to find out what day pickup is in your neighborhood.

Household garbage should be placed in plastic bags, securely tied, and placed by the curb. Garbage bags are delivered free of charge twice a year. Extra bags may be purchased at City Hall.

No. Mixed solid waste will not be picked up with garbage and the two should not be mixed. Place only garbage out on garbage day and only rubbish out on rubbish day.

Pickup begins at 7:30 A.M.

Spray the bag with a small amount of ammonia, Lysol, or Clorox.

Rubbish is collected once a week. Please call Public Works at 662-494-3513 to find out what day pickup is in your neighborhood.

Yard clippings, leaves, and other small rubbish must be bagged and placed at the curb. Larger rubbish such as brush and limbs may be placed loose at the curb. The maximum size for limbs is 4 inches in diameter and 6 feet in length.

No. Rubbish bags are available at City Hall for a small charge. Do not use rubbish bags for garbage.

Contractors employed by property owners to cut trees, brush, limbs, or otherwise remodel homes or landscapes are responsible for hauling and disposing of their own waste. If the City picks up contractor’s waste, additional charges will be applied to the customer account on a per-case basis.

Rubbish items that WILL be routinely picked up include:

– Yard Clippings
– Leaves
– Small brush and trimmings

Cardboard boxes
– Small wood items
– Medium sized limbs and brush

Some rubbish items will not be picked up by the City on a routine basis but will be picked up on a special schedule for an additional charge. Except for tires ($2/each), the minimum charge is $25.00 per pick up. Items in this category that are placed at the curb will be considered by the City to have been placed there by the resident who agrees for pickup at an additional charge. The additional charges will be automatically billed to the resident’s account. These items include:

– Tires
– Appliances and TVs
– Carpet
– Mattresses and box springs
– Loose leaves
– Bicycles and other metal goods
– Large items of furniture
– Stumps and commercial tree cuttings
– Over-sized brush and limbs
– Major landscaping debris

Rubbish items that WILL NOT be routinely picked up include:

– Construction debris.
– Liquids of any kind.
– Batteries
– Chemicals
– Motor oil
– Paint

Water & Light Department

If you did not receive or lost your bill you can call 662-494-1432 to get the amount.

The amount can vary, call 662-494-1432.

The Electric Department office, located at 644 Broad Street, is open Monday to Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM, excluding holidays. The Water & Light Warehouse, located at 331 Washington Street,  is open Monday to Friday, 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

1. You must have two forms of ID: a Social Security Card and a Drivers License.

If you choose not to use a Social Security Card, you must present either a Birth Certificate, a Passport, Green Card, Voter’s Registration and Firearm Permit.

If you do not have a valid Drivers License you must present a Photo ID issued by the Mississippi Highway Patrol.

2. If you are renting, you must present a copy of your Lease. If you own the property you must present a copy of your Deed.

If the customer does not have the above information, NO service can be set up.

A Commercial or Industrial Account must present a Federal ID Number, a statement of company letterhead authorizing the person to sign applicable paperwork, and payment of applicable cash deposit. The property must be inspected by both the West Point Building Inspector and the West Point Fire Marshall.

Call the West Point Water & Light Dept. Warehouse at 662-494-2262, or send an email with a complete description to utilityrepair@wpnet.org.


Yes, click here to pay your bill online.

Please Note: We have been made aware of third-party websites that offer to consolidate all your bill payments to just one site. While this may seem helpful, there have been instances of payments made to these sites not being sent to us, resulting in disconnection of services. We suggest that you use the link above as your only method of paying your utility bill online. West Point Water & Light is not associated with Doxo.com.

Service interruption will be scheduled 15 days after the due date of your bill.


662-494-1432 or 662-494-2262. Please indicate your name and the address that has the problem between the hours of 8 – 4:30. After hours call 911.

Customers are allowed to make partial payments prior to disconnect date. Partial payments will not be accepted on disconnect date.

662-494-2262, or send an email with a complete description to utilityrepair@wpnet.org.

Call 662-494-1432.

Stay away from it and call 662-494-1432 or 662-494-2262 during the hours of 8 – 4. After hours call 911.