What do I need to bring to set up new service?

1. You must have two forms of ID: a Social Security Card and a Drivers License.

If you choose not to use a Social Security Card, you must present either a Birth Certificate, a Passport, Green Card, Voter’s Registration and Firearm Permit.

If you do not have a valid Drivers License you must present a Photo ID issued by the Mississippi Highway Patrol.

2. If you are renting, you must present a copy of your Lease. If you own the property you must present a copy of your Deed.

If the customer does not have the above information, NO service can be set up.

A Commercial or Industrial Account must present a Federal ID Number, a statement of company letterhead authorizing the person to sign applicable paperwork, and payment of applicable cash deposit. The property must be inspected by both the West Point Building Inspector and the West Point Fire Marshall.