How do I dispose of other large household items?

Some rubbish items will not be picked up by the City on a routine basis but will be picked up on a special schedule for an additional charge. Except for tires ($2/each), the minimum charge is $25.00 per pick up. Items in this category that are placed at the curb will be considered by the City to have been placed there by the resident who agrees for pickup at an additional charge. The additional charges will be automatically billed to the resident’s account. These items include:

– Tires
– Appliances and TVs
– Carpet
– Mattresses and box springs
– Loose leaves
– Bicycles and other metal goods
– Large items of furniture
– Stumps and commercial tree cuttings
– Over-sized brush and limbs
– Major landscaping debris

What types of items will be picked up by the City.

Rubbish items that WILL be routinely picked up include:

– Yard Clippings
– Leaves
– Small brush and trimmings

Cardboard boxes
– Small wood items
– Medium sized limbs and brush

Will the city pick up waste from contractors working on my property?

Contractors employed by property owners to cut trees, brush, limbs, or otherwise remodel homes or landscapes are responsible for hauling and disposing of their own waste. If the City picks up contractor’s waste, additional charges will be applied to the customer account on a per-case basis.

How do I prepare rubbish for collection?

Yard clippings, leaves, and other small rubbish must be bagged and placed at the curb. Larger rubbish such as brush and limbs may be placed loose at the curb. The maximum size for limbs is 4 inches in diameter and 6 feet in length.

How often is rubbish collected?

Rubbish is collected once a week. Please call Public Works at 662-494-3513 to find out what day pickup is in your neighborhood.

Can I mix garbage and rubbish?

No. Mixed solid waste will not be picked up with garbage and the two should not be mixed. Place only garbage out on garbage day and only rubbish out on rubbish day.