What City buildings are available for use by the public?

The Civic Center and the Fairgrounds Recreation Center Building are available on a first come, first served basis for private functions, parties, reunions, and other similar activities. These facilities can accommodate up to 400 people in a variety of setup arrangements. Daily rental rates apply. For more information regarding rental of the Civic, call 662-494-2573. For information regarding rental of the Recreation Center, call 662-494-2573. Also, call 662-494-2573 to schedule the use of city parks. Reservations and payment of all fees in advance is required.

Can I use the City parks to have a private party or function?

Under certain limited circumstances, portions of Sally Kate Winter Park, Veterans Park, Legion Park, and the Kitty Dill Memorial Parkway may be used for private functions. All such activities require PRIOR approval at least a month in advance. Contact the City Hall for more information.

How can I get copies of other public documents?

All public documents of the City of West Point are available for review at City Hall during normal working hours. Original copies of public documents may not be removed from City Hall for any purpose. Any public document may be copied upon written request and payment of a nominal copying charge.