Blues in the Schools Program

Willie Earl KingThe Howlin’ Wolf Blues Society is dedicated to preserving our great Blues Musical Heritage. As part of this effort we are educating the public through our annual Blues in the School Programs. We think young and old alike should be aware of the massive part Blues Music played in forming the basis of our popular music of today.

Mississippi should be declared a National Monument for its role in music history! The musicians this great state has produced is unrivaled for its significance in the development of today’s music. Most of the artists of Howlin’s Wolf’s era were completely unknown and would be lost in history if it were not for the continuing efforts of Blues organizations like the Howlin Wolf Blues Society. The HWBS of West Point will continue it’s program to educate the public and promote the great Musical heritage that is called the BLUES!

Photo, right: Willie Earl King with a few pointers for the group.